What we do

We promote Community Led Housing in the Tees Valley by:

  • Identifying stakeholders and potential new groups to extend the reach of opportunity for Community Led Housing in the Tees Valley.

  • Developing a range of accessible information for different stakeholders promoting and explaining Community Led Housing and the activity in the Tees Valley.

  • Working proactively to engage stakeholders to promote and develop a greater and broader understanding of Community Led Housing and the opportunities and benefits it offers.

We influence the 'enabling role' of Local and Combined Authorities by:

Working with local and combined authorities to move

forward from a verbal agreement of support to signing up to changes set out in the North East Community Led Housing Strategy, which include:

  • Policy and guidance, that promotes the role of community led housing in securing affordable housing and community services within the National Planning Policy Framework, such as Local Plans, and Neighbourhood Planning process.

  • Appropriate representation to contribute and have influence at a strategic level with the local and combined authority.

  • Develop working partnerships with local authority and other partners to share information and resources, identify potential groups such as Town and Parish councils, Neighbourhood Forums that are looking at or have developed a Neighbourhood Plan.

We build the sectors capacity and capability by:

  • Continuing to build on existing good practice, collaboration and support that has underpinned its development. 

  • Looking outward to explore opportunities to bring new approaches and entrants and extend the skills and expertise in the sector.

  • Mapping out the existing resources within the Tees Valley sector and working to formalise a coordinated sector function for enabling and influencing the delivery of community led housing; through the promotion, enabling and delivering of local affordable housing.

  • Working with the national infrastructure and network of emerging enabling hubs to share and learn to develop the sector.

We provide support by:

  • Providing an environment for the formation of community led groups.

  • Creating and facilitation of a peer to peer support network for existing and emerging groups.

  • Providing access to national/local networks to groups in order to promote best practice, knowledge transfer and technical advice.

  • Creating and facilitating clear routes of access to funding advice; both national and local funding specific to the Tees Valley.

  • Mentoring services and individual, organisation and group development in order to build internal capacity.

  • Project risk management in order to help prospective groups to clearly map the risks of their proposed developments.

  • Maintenance of an Accredited supplier list of CLH specialist for design and development and long-term management of the groups project.

  • Provide and promote Regional Learning Events to allow knowledge transfer in the sector.

  • Represent the region within the sector at National Networks, promoting the national Network and its projects within the region.


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