CHTV shortlisted for prestigious Win an Architect competition

We're really proud to have been shortlisted for the Wignall & Moore Win an Architect Competition.

The competition is based around creation of the most innovative client briefs & architectural proposals which enhance, showcase & celebrate the North.

Our proposed solution is centred around arief for eco-use-reuse-refurbishment and retrofit of older homes and buildings in deprived undervalued areas: To create new ‘value’ in the heritage of the humble Victorian Terraced Street House.

  1. To create new ‘value’ in the heritage of the humble Victorian Terraced Street House.
  2. To create new ‘value’ in the heritage of the humble Victorian Terraced Street House in deprived undervalued areas.

The ‘value’ issue is about developing something more than financial property value. It aims to focus on:

  • Creating new interest and pride of place in the older residential parts of Middlesbrough town centre (like Gresham), promoting and creating a community-led approach to proving affordable homes.
  • Promote the older street terraces as housing with unrealised potential; that with imagination and creativity can offer a housing option of choice and not a default for those where choice is limited to non-existent in the affordable housing market.
  • Support community wealth building through training and employment opportunity in construction, and developing understanding about the appropriate application of retrofit to older type homes - we’ve seen the damage that previous large scale schemes of external wall insulation have done to these types of property, not just in Middlesbrough but across the country.
  • Creating a home that meets the needs of modern living, that provides a comfortable, healthy environment that is manageable and affordable to live in (not just the rent).
  • That offers a template for both residential and work live environments that can attract and retain people to form stable and thriving communities.
  • To initially work with local arts and creative communities to embed them in a community and bring a creative inspiration to engage with the wider community.

Current Middlesbrough organisations and partners in the idea include:

The competition winner will be announced after 22 July.

The competition jury includes prominent industry voices which includes:

  • The Guardian’s Architecture and Design critic – Oliver Wainwright
  • Baroness Blake of Leeds – Judith Blake
  • Deputy Director of Yorkshire Sculpture Park – Helen Featherstone
  • Executive Director Pegasus Group – Chris Calvert
  • Executive Director, The National Lottery Heritage Fund – Isabel Hunt