Agile Fund: Start-up help to support new community led housing groups

CHTV has a small amount of funds, initially available until 31 March 2022, to provide new CLH projects with funding towards some of their potential ‘start-up’ costs. CHTV can support a new project with up to £1,000 to cover specific initial expenses, such as for a project’s cost of legal incorporations; subscriptions to media accounts for ‘virtual meetings’; website and publicity costs, and others. All eligible expenses would need to be agreed with CHTV and be for specific invoices that CHTV can then pay.

  • Zoom (or similar) subscription and any related support or training,
  • Initial group training such as governance issues, running a community organisation, engaging with wider community &/or potential partners,
  • Sundry costs involved in hosting ‘real’ (i.e. not virtual) community meetings (if and when these might be possible again) and group sessions – e.g. room hire, speaker expenses and refreshments,
  • Promotional costs such as design and print or website development to raise awareness, seek new members and publicise meetings,
  • Other sundry costs that may be incurred during the initial stages of a new project.

So, if you are a new or emerging group and think you may benefit from the new agile fund, please contact the CHTV.

For further details and an application form contact 07595 412329, or email

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