Redcar and Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency

About the RCVDA

RCVDA is a registered charity (no.1135959) and a company registered in England and Wales

(no. 2720382) RCVDA is a social action organisation that receives its core funding from Redcar and Cleveland Council.

We take steps to make positive change, challenge issues and grow new ideas for the future which

strengthen communities. Since 1984, RCVDA has supported thousands of local charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to do just this. We

help them focus on what they do best – making a difference for individuals and their communities. Our staff have a desire to see local people take a lead on

initiatives that help shift power and control towards communities and support improvements in the quality of life locally. We have a board that trusts the

staff, staff that trust and support each other and have a belief that the best solutions, even to the most complex social issues, start with local people

making decisions about what matters to them.


We have a simple framework for our work

  • Support the sector to survive and thrive
  • Represent the sector and provide a voice
  • Sustain our organisational strength
  • Deliver services with a social impact   
  • Activities:      

Redcar and Cleveland Council helped us establish a subsidised car hire project to help people access job opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible using public transport.

We also run the Tees Valley Wheels 2 Work scheme on behalf of the Tees Valley Combined Authority. We are in the process of developing a new urban mountain biking facility and are helping to roll out a community broadband service in Hartlepool.

We are bidding to deliver employability support programmes, have developed our own housing company and we own a part of a modular housing business.

We work a lot with South Tees Public Health trying to address some of the long-term health inequalities that plague the area.

Through our core charity support work we have developed a partnership with a local social enterprise, Living Sober, that has seen us become increasingly involved in the development of housing for recovering addicts based on the US ‘Oxford House’ model, such as Cromwell House in South Bank.

Having taken the decision to become a socially-aware housing association primarily in support of one niche, but important housing project, it soon became clear that there were many groups with a desire to progress housing related projects and numerous areas where the private rental and existing social housing market was failing to meet the needs of local people. We could have marched or campaigned or lobbied, but to be honest we preferred to act. So we are now looking to disrupt things a bit and bring high quality housing solutions to those who generally have to accept what they are offered.

We are building eco-powered homes so that people don’t have to worry about fuel poverty, basing them around small communities so that people have a chance to get to know their neighbours and setting up electric pool car schemes for residents so that they can remain independent for longer.



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